The marketing tools and strategies are in the rapid pace of advancement. Whether it was in the year 2018 or the new year of 2019, these tools and strategies have a continuous increasing graph and are not going to slow down this year too. Since the search engines are also improving their algorithm in a continuous fashion, so is the SEO. Along with the classic way, there are some latest SEO trends gaining popularity in 2019.

Voice search is on the continuous rise:

People nowadays opt for voice search more than keyboard search. To optimize your content for voice search you need to make it the most suitable. A clear, easy to read, easy to understand, conversational and point to point content sounds out the loudest. So, if you are thinking about SEO, make sure that your content is not only suitable for the keyboard search but also for the voice search.

It’s not always the keyword, the topic also matters:

Another growing trend is the topic search. It is not necessary that people always search for some particular keywords. People nowadays search for an answer to their complete question instead of one or two keywords. So, the contents that can answer the searched question completely, will win the battle. Make sure that your content optimization is not only based on keywords, rather topics too.

Mobile searches:

Search inquiries are now shifting more to the mobile than to a PC or laptop. In 2019, mobile phones are expected to be the dominant device. After Google transitions to mobile-first indexing, the SEO strategies need to be compatible with the mobile searches. Increased preferences of voice search are one of the reasons for the increased preference for mobile search. Thus, your website design in the mobile view, as well as the SEO strategies compatibility with mobile searches, are asking for your attention this year.

Automation with AI:

An AI automated website is more efficient in navigation and is often the most searched. The chatbot is one such example. And this trend will continue to grow this year too.

Social Media:

Brands are now using social media as a digital marketing technique. Whether it is sharing a live video in real time on Facebook, Youtube or any other such site or is sharing some brand videos or images via Facebook pages of the respective brands, they all are in fashion nowadays and are going to be, even in 2019.

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