Do you know that Google processes about 40,000 searches every second? Are you aware of the fact that Facebook is a hub for about 1.13 billion active users who are active on a daily basis? This is one of the reasons that Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are the obvious choices for the PPC campaigns.

Now, the biggest challenge for any business is to decide which option is better to take your business to the next level. The truth is Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are entirely different and extremely effective at the same time.

Both the platform can give you access to millions of users immediately.

Choosing between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords

Focusing on the intent level

If you are looking for immediate sales, then Google Adwords is an excellent option. When you create your Ad campaign through Google, then you can track your audience based on your the demographics and geographic location.

Google Adwords shows up the information people enter in their Google search box, and this is high intent search. If a person is in search of a solution to his specific problem, then remember that the person is very close to making a purchase.

Facebook falls in the lower intent category. However, if you want to focus on lead generation and followers, then Facebook ads is the preferred choice.

Understanding the approaches

Facebook Ads and Google Adwords have a different approach when it comes to targeting the customer. Google Adwords focus on keyword-based targeting. You bid on the keywords that relate to your business. The game with Adwords is to find out what your customers need.

Facebook Ads target the audience behavior. If you want to collect data on your audience, then Facebook gives you the best clue in this regard.

If you run an e-commerce store, then Adwords can be a perfect choice for you. The reason is that you can bid on the keywords that relate to the specific brand name or the product category.

If your objective is to remain connected with your followers, then Facebook Ads is a good choice. You can put up your offers in their newsfeed. It is not possible to choose a clear winner between the Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

You need to assess different factors before making your selection. Ideally, you should put both Adwords and Facebook Ads to use provided you have the budget. Now, the challenge is that both the platforms have their individual styles and formats.

You need to put yourself in the shoes of your customer, and imagine how they will perceive your brand. If all this sounds challenging, then you can think along the lines of consulting a Social Media Agency in Los Angeles if your business is in Los Angeles.

A reputed Social Media Marketing Agency Los Angeles>/strong> has the necessary experience and can give you detailed insight regarding both the platforms. They will conduct detailed research about your business and your competitors. They will present their verdict depending on your business scenario.