Do you know that by 2020 voice search will be put to use to conduct about 50% of the searches? It is time you prepare for this seismic shift. As a business owner your primary goal is to facilitate your customers so that they can find and buy your product or service.

The truth is that consumers are increasing with every passing day so it will be a sensible idea to optimize your site using voice search. The benefit of following this approach is that you will be ahead of your competitors.

Now, let us understand what voice search is all about.Voice search means that you make use of your phone to make a specific query via a search engine.

Understand the working of voice search

Voice search puts speech recognition to use to understand a specific query. Once the user speaks out his question, voice search tries to find an online match that answers the particular client query.

If you use a mobile phone for voice search, then you get directed to the specific web page in this situation. If you use speakers, then the speaker reads the answer that best suits the query.

Now, you need to keep one important thing in mind when using voice search. When people perform a search by using their voice, then they make use of different terms. Well, this means that old-style keywords will not work in this situation.

It will not be wrong to say that voice search is a specific technique to optimize your site as per the latest trend for the voice commands.

Things to remember when doing voice search optimization

The voice searches are about 76.1% longer than the text searches so you have to keep this into consideration when optimizing your site for voice search. You need to start by thinking of terms that people may ask, and your site can answer.

You need to assess those keywords that brought customers to your site in the past. You can quickly turn these keywords into questions. Ideally, you should use the long-tail keywords for voice search optimization.

When you optimize your website for voice search, then you need to remember that about half the queries come from the mobile devices. It is essential that your site has a mobile-friendly design. You should focus on the local content.

Secondly, it is also essential to evaluate your site in detail if you wish to switch to voice search optimization. It is vital that you produce new content for your FAQ page. When you produce fresh content for the FAQ page, then it will become simple for you to capture the long-tail keywords in their natural form.

Remember these essentials and voice search optimization will become less challenging for you.

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